Batanes is the dream destination for almost all Filipino travellers. The amazing landscape and spectacular view is a match made in heaven.

When tourists visit Batanes, all they can do is stand in awe of its pristine beauty. There is so much to say about Batanes, but people ended up speechless. Aside from the stunning landmarks, the place is also rich in culture and history.

For all the lovely sites Batanes has to offer, we forget to say thanks to the people responsible for keeping this place clean and interactive to nature. That is why we need to give Batanes LGU a standing ovation.

[1] Nature Preservation

Although some sites were developed to accommodate tourists, the government decided to build the facilities meters away from the actual site. They build pathways, but not within the spot preserving the natural landscape.

[2] Great Road for a Good Drive

Roads are located by the cliffside, and you’ll be amazed how well-built their roads are making sure that it’s safe when driving. The cliffside road is also perfect for people to witness the view of the sea.

[3] Cables are Built Underground

Since Batanes is frequently visited by storm all-year-round, LGU decided to build their cables underground. This prevents strong storm wind from damaging them while granting easy access when repair is needed.

People need not worry about cable wires disrupting the view.

[4] On-going Tradition and Culture

With the changing times, Batanes LGU does a good job in keeping their traditional culture alive.

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The famous Dakay Houses were preserved to keep the culture alive. Since some of the materials in building the house can no longer be legally obtained, Batanes LGU replaced them with another material just to keep the structure and the image of the house intact. Churches and other historical establishments were also preserved in their original state.

Bayanihan is also being practised in Batanes, as well as continuous manufacture and use of Vakul and Kanayi – local headdress and vest used by workers made from Vuyavuy leaves.

[5] First Drug-Free Province

Batanes did not escape the wrath of illegal drugs despite its loving and nice people. However, drug pushers don’t sell much in this place and ended up surrendering to the police.

Batanes was formally declared the first drug-free province last June 2017. Now, they stand as an inspiration to other provinces in the Philippines to achieve a drug-free community.

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