In behalf of Ted Claudio of, we were given the opportunity to attend the 5th Anniversary of LG OLED TV Excellence and the launching of their 77-inch LG Signature OLED TV – The only 77-inch OLED TV in the Philippines. This is our first time to attend such a big event, working together with some of the popular medias in the Philippines such as ABS-CBN Media, and James Deakin – a respected international journalist and LG Brand Ambassador. It was intense, yet exciting at the same time.

To learn more about how amazing the features and specification of the new 77-Inch LG Signature OLED TV is, please follow this link: LG CELEBRATES 5 YEARS OF LG OLED TV EXCELLENCE WITH THE LAUNCH OF 77-INCH LG SIGNATURE OLED TV

77-Inch LG Signature OLED TV

To be honest, I almost snatched one of the 32″ LG OLED TV being the raffle draw grand prize. My name was picked! I was so excited! I had the TV! Yay! However, it broke my heart when they announced that I didn’t pass their mechanic. And their only mechanic is to have a selfie with the TV and post it on Facebook. A selfie literally broke my heart. On the other hand, my girlfriend, Cherry, won a very big LG Soundbar! (which I will steal from her, by the way)

To sum up our experience: We were honored to join the leading medias in the Philippines, Cherry won a Soundbar, I “almost” brought home a TV, and the best part is I was able to high five James Deakin.

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No, that’s not right.

The best part is having the opportunity to attend a big event hosted by one of the global leaders in modern technological innovation. Oh, I almost forgot about the giveaways and ‘FREE FOOD!”

Thank you LG! 🙂

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