You only need to visit the Philippines to experience Asia

If you’re looking for the best tropical getaway yet don’t want to spend too much on airfare, there is just the perfect place for you where you’ll get the most of Asia. The beautiful paradise of the Philippines features the best of Asia from white sand beaches, breathtaking mountain ranges, Continue Reading

Why Do Sagada Folks Hang Their Coffins?

The coldest and highest region in the Philippines has a unique practice in honouring their dead. Sagada is very rich in tradition and cultural practices. It’s most famous attraction, however, are the hanging coffins. It is one of the most major attraction in Mountain Province. Visited by hundreds of tourists Continue Reading

Sagada Mountain Province Travel Guide

Sagada is one of the coldest area in the Philippines, next to Mt. Pulag. It’s one of the highest peaks of the Philippines and has been a tourist getaway all year round. Sagada also has several spots that attracts tourists and locals alike, and urges them to visit again and again. Continue Reading

Sagada Eco Trail – Bokong Falls + Underground River + Hanging Coffins

You mustn’t miss the Eco-Trail in Sagada. Most people just visit the Eco-Valley to see the hanging coffins. If you dare for more adventure and interaction with nature, you should do the Eco-Trail. For a guide fee of Php 150, you’ll be able to visit Bokong Falls, Underground River, and Continue Reading

Sagada Cave Connection: Lumiang Burial Cave – Sumaguing Cave

One of the most visited tourist attraction and activity in Sagada is the Cave Connection. The great caves are connected within. Lumiang Burial Cave and Sumaguing Cave is like a work of art hidden underground. Various of rock formations that depicts humans and things alike can be found here. You Continue Reading

The Enchanting Bomod-Ok Falls

Bomod-ok Falls is one of the most amazing waterfalls I’ve visited. The trek and the view itself you’ll walk through before reaching the waterfall will make your heart pounding with excitement. Bomod-ok falls is a 2 KM trek from the main highway. The 2 KM trek is composed of a Continue Reading