9 Creative Ways to Use a Malong Other Than an Outfit When Travelling

A malong is a traditional tube skirt used by several countries around Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines if only to name a few. It is commonly used as an outfit, mostly a skirt, by the Maranao, Maguindanao and T’boli tribes. Traditionally, a malong is used to wrap a Continue Reading

Video Game lines that the script writers should be proud of

There is much to learn about video game designer and producer of Nintendo games Shigeru Miyamoto’s famous line: ‘Video games are bad for you? That’s what they said about rock ‘n roll.’ Video games have been labelled as ‘bad influence’ since the beginning. However, video game script writers prove them Continue Reading

Who will win? Avengers vs. Justice League [it’s a debate]

Most of us have wondered which characters are better. Now, we don’t want to include Dragon Ball Z because even Freeza alone can annihilate a planet with just a finger. We will only talk about Marvel and DC. These two comics have been on par for several years that no Continue Reading

Who are the real victims in spreading ‘fake news?’ What can bloggers do?

Following the current issue that the Filipino bloggers are currently facing. It is best that we know the reasons why stopping the so-called ‘freedom of expression’ is a ‘big thing’ for bloggers. Social media and blogging have been the modern way of spreading news fast and make aware of those Continue Reading

Jesus showed up in the hospital room of a dying Muslim and changed his life

A 34-year old businessman, Nasir Sadiki, a Muslim, shared his miraculous experience with Jesus during his dying hours. Nasir Sadiki is a wealthy man whose money meant nothing when a terrible sickness struck him. He was diagnosed with the worst case of shingles and was admitted to Toronto General Hospital. Continue Reading

Volcanoes in the Philippines that erupted more than five times and claimed hundreds of lives

The Philippines is within the vicinity of the famous Ring of Fire where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. The current volcanic activity in Mayon reminds the Filipinos of the tragedy volcanic eruptions has brought in the Philippines’ history. Other than Mayon and Pinatubo, there are also Continue Reading