Life in Metro Manila: Top 15 Things I Observed

I was so excited during my first flight to Manila. I always wondered what the big city looks like. Is it as bad as what I saw on the news? Or is it as beautiful as what I saw in magazines? I never dreamed of living in Metro Manila. I Continue Reading

Understanding the Filipinos: What Tourists Should Know Before Visiting the Philippines

Philippines is an amazing country. Recently, its beautiful scenery and unique attractions have attracted tourists all over the world. When you visit the Philippines, it’s not the place you often hear about, but its people, the experience, and the culture. Here are most of the things what foreign tourists say Continue Reading

How To Convince Someone To Travel

Okay, let us be honest here. Not everyone is fond of travelling. Not everyone is willing to carry a heavy backpack and trek for 3-4 hours just to reach the summit, and then climb down again. Not everyone is going to sacrifice their Gluta-kissed skin and get sunburned at the Continue Reading

Backpack Vs. Suitcase

People always wondered why travelers prefer carrying big and heavy backpacks than just dragging a suitcase around. Most people would prefer suitcase over a backpack for a number of reasons. Here are some things you thought suitcase is better than a backpack, but got it all wrong. Organization People always think Continue Reading – Your One Stop Powersports Shop

Are you a Motorcycle Traveler? An Extremist? A motorbiking enthusiast, or a member of a Motorcycle Club? Now is the time to dress to impress your bike, and yourself! Tune up your bike with Bike Bandit! Name it, they have it! is the web’s largest source for powersports parts, accessories, Continue Reading

#PHONETOGRAPHY: The Best iPhone Alternative To Capture Your Travel Moments

Can’t afford an iPhone? Save your credit card and switch to a cheap android phone, high MP Camera with full manual functions, and manufactured by a known quality brand. Travel is all about experience. Experience are great moments. Moments are best remembered on film. But, in order to take good photos, Continue Reading