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We, Irone and Cherry, is a couple who discovered our love for each other through traveling. With Cherry’s amazing planning skills and photography, and Irone’s writing abilities, We decided to create a travel blog. The main purpose of our blog is to help other travel enthusiasts in the Philippines to reach a place well informed. The second purpose is to inspire other couples to travel and discover themselves more.

We are a travel, photo and business enthusiast. We write reviews about the places we already visited and share them for the benefit of others. We also give you travel advise. Just ask for it and we’ll be more than willing to assist you on your journey and share to you our secrets on how to travel in the cheapest way possible. Visit tourist spots, restaurants, and hotels accessible to you.

Feel free to browse our blog and learn how to go into places as a tourist, and go out as a local.

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Services Offered

  1. Business Review (See Link for Policy and Rates)
  2. Travel Booking in Partnership with Hideout Travel and Tours and Time.2.Explore Travel and Tours.
    • Flight Booking
    • Accommodations and Hotel Reservations
    • Team Building Activities
    • Vacation and other Tour Packages
  3. Share Your Travel Story (See Link for Policy) This is FREE!
  4. We also offer other services outside the blog. Message us in our ironeXplores Facebook Page or email me at lostirone@gmail.com for inquiries. (Prices may vary)
    • Article Writing
    • Content Writing
    • Web Writing
    • Web Editing
    • Line Editing
    • Research Writing
    • Speech Writing
    • Company Profile
    • Graphic Design (T-shirt, Mugs, Banners, Logo, Wall Art, Decals, etc.)
    • Online Advertising of Specific Products and Services
    • Photo Editing

Site Stats as of August 2017

Published Work

Restaurant and Event Place Reviews (All Time Views)

  1. Irish Cafe & Bar (87 Views)
  2. Vincent’s Coffee Shop and Grill + Persimmon Cafe (46 Views)
  3. Homestay Inn and Restaurant (254 Views)
  4. Ta’gig Restaurant – Bar – Events – Seafood and Steak  (178 Views)
  5. Kape Brew (77 Views)
  6. El Flaminiano Tex-Mex American Restaurant (121 Views)
  7. RAVE! Pasig City Rainforest Adventure Experience (1,938 Views)

Online Shops (All Time Views)

  1. BikeBandit.com – Your One Stop Powersports Shop (35 Views)
  2. Lazada – LG G-Series (68 Views)

Note: Stats taken as of August 2017. Number of views may differ depending on the date published.

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