Can’t afford an iPhone? Save your credit card and switch to a cheap android phone, high MP Camera with full manual functions, and manufactured by a known quality brand.

Travel is all about experience. Experience are great moments. Moments are best remembered on film. But, in order to take good photos, you need to carry camera with bulky lenses. Not your style? Well, here’s an alternative.

LG (Life’s Good) is a well known brand manufacturing quality home appliances. Now they extend their quality products to smart phones at a reasonable price.

LG’s G-Series offers a camera with full manual control such as IOS, Temperature, Shutter Speed, Grid, Focus, RAW, and etc., that performs like a digital camera or a DSLR. You can now capture your favorite moments with good quality photos while traveling light.

LG G-Series also features a comfortable handle and shock proof with its slim curve design. Its literally a DSLR in your pocket.

LG G4 H818P 32GB Dual Sim LTE

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LG G5 Dual Sim 32GB LTE (Titan)

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LG G6 Dual Sim (4GB, 64GB) – New Release!

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By purchasing from the link above, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Pay Cash on Delivery on selected countries
  • Pay through Credit Card
  • Legit LG Product
  • Automatic Availment of Free Warranty (see Lazada Warranty Terms)
  • Official Sealed Package from LG Store
  • Return or Replace for Free
  • Read proof review from other buyers

Sample Photos Taken From LG Phone (No Filter, No Edit)

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