Business competition all over the world has momentously increased. One of the greatest aspects that affect the growth of businesses is the aggressiveness in advertising and promotion online.  Online promotions greatly boost the exposure of your business, and help you reach more clients. Many businesses dared advertising online, but only limits their exposure because of the expensive charges and commissions of the publishers.

Here in ironeXplores, I give you an opportunity to reach more clients online by allowing me to post a review of your business.

Important Note: Your business should be anything related travel and food. For example: Travel Tours, Hotels, Accommodations, Restaurants, Airlines or Shipping Lines, Resorts, Travel and Sports Equipment Store, etc.

By sharing your business, you will have the opportunity to be featured on ironeXplores website, and all my social media accounts. You can also add and follow ironeXplores on the related Social Media Accounts, so I can tag you on my business review.

Sharing your business with me will give a significant boost of your business’ exposure online. If you’re interested, please follow these 4  easy steps:

1. Tell Us About Your Business

Share the nature of your business, location, contact nos., Social Media Accounts, promos and operation time.

2.Tell Us About Your Services

If you’re a restaurant, share us your menu, prices and pictures of your dishes. If you’re a hotel, share us your room accommodations and rates, etc. Anything you can share that will ultimately promote your business offers.

3.Show Us Your Business

Share pictures, videos and other media formats of your store, and related services.

4.Excel from Others

Share something interesting about your business that makes you unique among other businesses.


5. Invite Us

You can also invite me to physically review your business, so I can share my personal thoughts on your services and accommodations. You can view my other articles to give you an idea on how I feature other business in my own personal experience.


Please give me 7-10 days to publish your article. Before you proceed, I encourage you the read and comply to the following policies:

  1. Make sure to provide only real detailed information. Your submitted article will undergo review and credibility test before posting.
  2. Don’t use inappropriate words. Inappropriate words will be removed or replaced during the review of your submitted article.
  3. ironeXplores has the right to use your shared information. All related media items e.g. pictures, videos, audios and etc., will only be used in website, and other connected Social Media Accounts of ironeXplores. For more information on user privacy and rights please read Privacy Policy.
  4. ironeXplores is not liable for external leakage and misuse. External misuse of your personal information, and other related media, not seen or published by ironeXplores, and on any ironeXplores article, will not make, and the owner of the said website, liable.

That’s it and you’re all set to help me promote your business. Remember to review the terms and agreement indicated above. Start writing your business review at Share Your Business Page or by reaching the following address and Social Media Links indicated in Contact Me Page.

I’m glad to help you!