Are you eager to share your stories, but had no one to share to? Now’s your chance!

Tell the world your story!

I’m encouraging all my readers to share their stories in the comments of my every article. Here you will have an opportunity to share your full experience in all the places you went, so others may also use and may experience the same fun you had during your travel.

By sharing your story, you will have the opportunity to be featured on ironeXplores website, and all my social media accounts. You can also add and follow ironeXplores on the related Social Media Accounts, so I can tag you on the article you contributed.

Sharing your story is so easy! Just follow these 7 simple steps:

1. How did you get there?

Share your detailed information on every place you went. If you transfer from place to place, then kindly provide a detailed information on the following:

  • Fare
  • Mode of Transportation
  • Travel Time

If you are unsure of the information given, kindly just provide an approximate and I’ll check the rest.

2.What are the places you visited?

Share the places you visited and an information about the place. Sample information are:

  • Describe the setting
  • History of the place
  • When did you visit?
  • The feeling you had upon arriving
  • How did you get there? Mode of transportation? Fare? Travel Time?

You can also be creative on your description.

3.Where did you eat?

Share the places where you ate:

  • Describe the food or menu
  • Price Range

4.Where did you stay?

Share where you spend the night:

  • Name and address of the resort
  • Describe the setting
  • How did you get there? Mode of transportation? Fare? Travel Time?
  • Price Range
  • Why do you recommend it? Why not?

5.Photo and Video

Share your photos and videos on these places. Shared media contents should have a majority view of the place. You can also submit some of your selfies and groupies for the ending part of the post.

6.Share you Itinerary and Budget

Share your sample itinerary and estimated budget during the trip, so readers can also use them as reference on their future travels. Remember to keep it simple and understandable.

Sharing your story will contribute to our national and international tourism. With that fact, I encourage you to read and comply to the following policies:

  1. Make sure to provide only real detailed information. Your submitted story will undergo review and credibility test before posting.
  2. Don’t use inappropriate words. Inappropriate words will be removed or replaced during the review of your submitted story.
  3. ironeXplores has the right to use your shared information. Your submitted story and all related media items e.g. pictures, videos, audios and etc., will only be used in website, and other connected Social Media Accounts of ironeXplores. For more information on user policy and rights please read Privacy Policy.
  4. ironeXplores is not liable for external leakage and misuse. External misuse of your personal story, and other related media, not seen or published by ironeXplores, and on any ironeXplores article, will not make and the owner of the said website liable.

If you understand the terms and agreement, you may now proceed on sharing your adventure.

That’s it and you’re all set to Share Your Adventure. Remember to review the terms and agreement indicated above. Please send your story at Share Your Travel Page or by reaching the following address and Social Media Links indicated in Contact Me Page.

Sharing is Loving!