For the past 2 years, I fell in love with travel. After more than a year of travel, I decided to establish my blog. I love writing, and I consider it a passion. At the same time, I am currently working as an accounting supervisor in a private entity in the Philippines.

In my 3 years of service in the company, my career growth is incredibly fast. I can say to myself that I am good at my regular job. Recently, I have been offered a promotion. This comes with a raise in salary, and extended responsibility. I am ready to face this new phase of my career as an accounting officer, but what I fear is I might’ve to give up my writing and travel.

The reason why I’m saying this is because I have been put into a situation where I have to choose between travel and writing, versus my career as an Accounting Officer. This promotion created a personal dilemma. I am torn between what I love, and what I needed for the moment.

Honestly speaking, I need my regular salary. It helps me afford my travel and my daily needs. But, I love travel and writing more. My other option is, if I’m going to quit this job, I’m going freelance writing.

A dear friend advised me, who’s also doing freelance, that it’s difficult at first but worth it. It’s gonna take a while to establish a network of trust. I’m gonna have to spend at least 6 months to 1 year in establishing a good network. It’s the kind of risk I must take.

I also realized that doing a full time freelance writing is like going back to who I was. I have been writing stories since I was a little kid. I really enjoyed it. I have been praised several times of my writing skills, since school days. Even at work, my boss would praise me of how I write my e-mails professionally.

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Travel has also became my passion lately. It’s like an invisible force that pushes me to go out and experience the world. It’s the main content of this blog.

Sometimes, even at working hours, I’d do nothing but write an article. And I feel guilty, because the company is not paying me for my blog. Still, I continue writing.

To choose writing a full time career is like going back to what I know. Going back to what I really do. What hinders me is fear. Fear of losing financial stability, which my regular job provides. This totally contradicts with one of my article Does Travelling Really Encourage You To Quit Your Job?. It is absolutely true that you cannot conclude or judge something, unless you’re caught in the same situation.

I am hoping, dear reader, especially those who has  already faced the same dilemma, for your advice. Shall I quit my job and pursue my love in travel and writing? Please find time to share your thoughts in the comments. I really need your personal opinion in this matter.

Thank you.



11 thoughts on “Should I Quit Travel and Blogging?”

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing your experience Kooper! That’s my aim: To live and be satisfied in what I have. In the end, it’s the life experiences that counts. That’s the kind of encouragement I was looking for.

  2. Quit you are a graduate you have more access to jobs than an undergrad had but i too do taken the risk the only down side is im an undergrad but 293days of traveling across the country is worth the experience and teached me more things in life and other value i didnt regret what i did but im curently jobless and just trying to meet the daily necessity of life but still its fun

  3. I totally agree! Going against the norm is bravery. Not all have the guts to do that.

  4. Yeah that was I thought too. Lol! 😀 Thank you for the encouragement Adrenaline. I am now decided to give full time freelancing a shot. Cheers! 🙂

  5. Hi IroneXplores,

    Actually, we consider that not childish at all. Pursuing your passion is what we consider courageous and wise. 🙂 Those employers who are not open-minded are, well, trapped in their own world. LOL! 😀

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience Adrenaline. We both have the same passion. Unfortunately, we don’t have the same open minded employer. I mentioned I was offered a promotion, and I told my new boss regarding my passion in travel and writing. That this is what I do outside the office. I bet they didn’t understand and instead got angry at me. It made me realize something: If I cannot do what I love in this office, then best I’d leave. This may sound childish, but for me, not be ale to write or travel, is like taking away who I really am.

  7. Hmm….there are three fields of thought here:

    1. It depends on your priorities. Sheila and I are full-time employees in mid-level positions. Notwithstanding familial responsibilities, we recognize the importance of having a stable career even though traveling/adventuring are our passions. Thus, we focus on our jobs, and we consider traveling/adventuring as a reward for our hard work. Writing though is my true passion (been doing it since I was kindergarten), and I always reserve time for blogging or working on my book during a) work breaks and b) when I get home from work.

    2. It’s about time management. We always reserve weekends for trips and adventures; we made sure our employers understand this. We even show them our blog to let them understand our passion. In addition, since our companies afford us leaves, we use them to plan out longer trips. So it depends on how you allocate your time for your job, family, and leisure.

    3. It’s all about happiness. In the long-term and when you are looking at a perspective of life, it really doesn’t make sense if you are sticking to something that does not make you happy. Thus, if you plan to go freelance writing/full-time traveling, then go ahead. BUT—-you need to accept and understand a) the consequences of doing so and b) the responsibility that you need to sustain yourself comfortably through your decision.

    Hope this helps. Thanks.

  8. Fully understand, I have been traveling for nearly 4 years now with my wife. We are lucky and have a small pension that funds most of our travel.

  9. Thank you for your advise. The only thing is i’m not really into accounting. The reason I went to an accounting job is because that is my degree in college. I just realized later on what i really love.

  10. Another avenue you might explore if you are into accounting is doing that freelance vs writing. Much less competition and I have a friend, not a traveler, who does it freelance in the U.S. and earns a great living.

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