Natives of the Land of Promise and Their Traditions

During the early ages, the Philippines has been frequently visited by different natives all over Asia to exchange culture, religion, and trade goods. Even before the Spanish regime, Filipinos are already in contact with foreign traders such as Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, Siam, India, Cambodia, Borneo and the Moluccas. The Continue Reading

9 Creative Ways to Use a Malong Other Than an Outfit When Travelling

A malong is a traditional tube skirt used by several countries around Asia including Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines if only to name a few. It is commonly used as an outfit, mostly a skirt, by the Maranao, Maguindanao and T’boli tribes. Traditionally, a malong is used to wrap a Continue Reading

This Filipino tribe digs up their dead’s remains after a year to change their clothes

This is maybe unheard of, but a Filipino tribe in Mindoro has a very strange practice in commemorating the dead. Members of the Hanunuo Mangyan tribe don’t want their dead to look old-fashioned. This tribe digs up their dead’s remains a year after burying it and change its clothes. This Continue Reading

Who are the real victims in spreading ‘fake news?’ What can bloggers do?

Following the current issue that the Filipino bloggers are currently facing. It is best that we know the reasons why stopping the so-called ‘freedom of expression’ is a ‘big thing’ for bloggers. Social media and blogging have been the modern way of spreading news fast and make aware of those Continue Reading

This house can withstand super typhoons blowing at least 250 kph [Only in the Philippines]

Batanes is visited by over 20 typhoons all year round that enter the Philippines area of responsibility. The locals had adopted on this kind of weather and build their structures accordingly. The Ivatans, the people of Batanes, design and build their house to resist strong winds that blow at least Continue Reading

Biggest and Smallest in the World that can only be found in the Philippines

The Philippines is considered one of the richest countries in Asia when it comes to natural resources. Vast forests, untouched marine life, and unique species are living harmoniously with nature in the Philippines. The country has found several discoveries within its own wildlife habitat that marked a world record. Here Continue Reading