The Left Hand’s Nine Days of Creation

Humanity, as they are made to be the greatest creation, has become the worst. My task is to observe mankind, but mankind corrupted me. Because of them, I am trapped in this unending loop of pain and a prison of fire and damnation. This is my genesis. On the First Continue Reading

The Monday Dilemma

Often on Sunday night, you just want to stare out the window and think very very deep how sad it is to face the fact that the next day is Monday! We only love Mondays when it’s a holiday. But why do we hate Mondays so much? Is it because we’re Continue Reading

To My Broken Other Self

Hey, beautiful! How are you? Are you still hurting? Or have you moved on? Are you still nursing old wounds? Or have you find a new love? Have you explored the world like what you always dreamed of? Or are you still the timid girl afraid to try out new Continue Reading

Life Masquerade: A Thousand Masks

Ever heard of these phrases? “People Change.” “What happened? Life happened.” These expressions are commonly used when we experience change. Experiences can definitely make us, but will it ever change us? Or do we just simply adapt? How about we first focus on these two words: “Change and Adapt.” They Continue Reading