Often on Sunday night, you just want to stare out the window and think very very deep how sad it is to face the fact that the next day is Monday! We only love Mondays when it’s a holiday. But why do we hate Mondays so much? Is it because we’re just born lazy? Or is it because we don’t love our job?

Let me tell you why Mondays are boring. Ironic, because I myself is not a Monday person, but just happened to know the secret formula on how to become one. I might gonna sound a little bit sarcastic, but please bear with me.

They say “In order to be happy at work you need to love your job, not your company.” That motivates people, I agree. You even nodded while reading it, but you know that’s not entirely true. It’s a fake motivation. Truth is 9 out of 10 people don’t love their job. I don’t love my job. I never planned to spend my life sitting in front of the computer all day. I can’t force myself to love it!

We wake up everyday only to expect to do the same boring thing.

We keep on complaining but we still keep on doing it. What drives us to continue this madness? Who’s keeping our Mondays lazy? Is it the workload? The company? The salary? Your co-employees? I’m sure a thousand of reasons will roll off your tongue when you answer this question. But, how long will it take you to make you realize, and say that “It’s only you!” You are making your own Mondays lazy!

Have you heard of a person who would rather not work for his entire life unless it’s Google? I guess not. No matter how you love working in your dream company, if you don’t qualify you’ll eventually have to go somewhere else and set Google aside. You will end up applying for a job you don’t want, for the sake of having a job. In a few months, you’ll find out how the company you worked at sucks at many things then you’ll start hating it. Who’s to blame? “You!” You led yourself into your own trap. You can do nothing about it, but to stay in that cage, because you don’t have a choice. Well you do have a choice. You’re just afraid to take risks.

You were not born for that kind of work.

Like me, accounting is not my talent, it’s my degree. I don’t really love accounting ever since college. It’s very stressful, but it’s my degree. Apparently I have to find a job related to my degree. Accounting is my curse. My natural talent is drawing and writing. Maybe if I work at a company where I can use my talent at its full potential, then I won’t have to wake up every morning being tired. I’ll wake up excited! But I’m sticking to accounting, because I’m stupid. I have all the chances in the world to choose the right job for me. I could’ve applied at some art company or setup my own gallery and sell paintings.

Again, what’s stopping us from leaving our current work? The best answer is: “We want it easy.” Applying for a new job is difficult. It’s like starting again from scratch. It’s not just the nature of work that you need to adjust but also with your co-employees. It’s a totally new environment. You don’t want to do that. To make your life easier, you made yourself comfortable to where you are currently at, however you often complain. Basically, you’re making a fool of yourself.

You work to earn, not to aim.

This makes us lazy. You work to become rich, but working is not enough. Yes, we all aim for financial stability. Yet, is money really worth it?

You have to aim! Be ambitious! Dream big! Think ahead and think like a boss. Think of your job not just a piggy bank of coins, but a piggy bank of opportunities. If that’s how you see it; then, you won’t crawl up from bed thinking going to work is a nightmare. You’ll see yourself waking up in a living dream.

If you don’t love your job, then quit. Easier said than done, yes. However, if you don’t have the courage to do it now, then there will only be regrets later on. You’ll end up blaming yourself. What you actually missed are a number of opportunities. 

Don’t let the door of opportunities close itself.

Opportunity is a series of doors. Mostly say it’s a window, but I prefer doors. (Doors are good.) Anyway, you can’t enter two doors at the same time. Ultimately, you have to close one to open the other. Where will you go: To that well-paying job that keeps you unhappy, or that financial difficulty but keeps you excited every day?

Think fast and don’t let that door close itself. Understand what you really want to do in life, and do it. Don’t label yourself as a “Job Hunter”, instead see yourself as an “Opportunity Seeker.” When you finally found that right job for you, Mondays will no longer be the end of a fun weekend, but a start of a great working week.

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