Hey, beautiful! How are you? Are you still hurting? Or have you moved on? Are you still nursing old wounds? Or have you find a new love? Have you explored the world like what you always dreamed of? Or are you still the timid girl afraid to try out new things?

I can vividly remember the pain that crossed your face when you came home to that empty house. Everything familiar was gone. Every little fairytale shattered. Every dream you had suddenly lost their meaning. The pain in your chest crippled you. The emptiness in your heart drowned you, and the loneliness you felt made you question God. Why? Why did you have to be so broken that breathing alone can be painful? Why did God take away everything you have?

“I believe that your rock bottom moment was God’s redirection.”

So many questions left unanswered. Tears kept falling. Empty days kept on passing. Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months. Yet, you know the world will not stop rotating just because you were broken. You know you had to move on with your life.

It was not an easy flight. It was not a walk in the park, nor a nightmare that you just have to wake yourself up and everything is back to the way it was. It took a lot of courage, but you did it anyway. You took one step at a time, until you were finally able to live with the pain.

“You have gained a lot more than what was taken away from you.”


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Yes! You made it! You may not be the best version of yourself, but you are better! You are happier and prettier, of course! I am so proud of you! I believe that your rock bottom moment was God’s redirection. He wanted you to let go of the wrong person, so that you can make yourself available for the right one. He took away Sam, because you were not yet ready. You may have lost everything you thought you had, but God made you realize that you have gained a lot more than what was taken away from you. You still have a long way to go, but I know you will never be alone in your journey. God will always be with you!

“Yes, you finally found a new love.”

To my broken other self, yes you have moved on. Yes, you finally found a new love. Yes, you are already exploring the world that once seemed so intimidating to you. You traveled here and there and met new people along the way. That’s one thing you could have never done before. You are braver and bolder.

To my broken other self, GREAT JOB!!!


Written by Cherry C. Gordo

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