There are good movies, and there are better movies that people can relate. Here is a list of all time favorite movies that travelers around the world fear might actually happen.

#10 Extortion (2017)

Families don’t always go on a vacation, but when they do, this is the last bad thing you’ll ever think of happening.

A family went to a vacation on Bahamas and was stranded in a deserted island. They got help, eventually, but ‘the help’ wanted something else in return – and that’s ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Or else they all die in dehydration and starvation. Imagine being held hostage with your family’s life hanging on a balance, against a money that you didn’t have.

Lesson: Always bring a million dollars.





#9 Identity (2003)

When a terrible storm hits you on the road, the first thing that pops into your mind is to find a shelter ASAP. That’s what these 10 individuals did. They stopped at the first motel hoping to seek shelter, and let the storm pass. Unfortunately, a serial killer was with them at the same motel ready to kill them one by one. What are the chances?

This is why most travelers always double lock their doors, and only goes half asleep.







#8 Wrong Turn (2003-2016)


Yep. Wrong turn is bad. I’m not talking about the movie, but the actual turn you do and realized you were going at a wrong direction. What a waste of gas. On the other hand, the movie was good. It was scary. Most travelers get paranoid when driving in far country roads, especially the quietest roads, just because of this movie.

If your vehicle breaks in the middle of a wide forest, or a tree broke down and blocked your path, be sure to look around. Someone else might already be readying to put you on a dinner plate.

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#7 Vertical Limit (2000)


Getting stranded on a deserted island not scary enough? How about trapped at the Himalayas with grave chilling weather ready to kill you any minute?

A group of mountain hikers get trapped in a snow storm in the middle of their climb. They are fully equipped, but the storm keeps getting worse. The rescue team cannot reach them, because the weather freezes everything. They were trapped in a small ice cavern, with their fingernails burnt by frostbite, wounds getting infected, and without hope of anyone coming around soon to rescue them.






#6 Flightplan (2005)


You think the worst thing that could ever happen is a lost baggage? This movie will make you think otherwise. This a story about a mother who lost her daughter on the plane. The worst thing is, no one would admit or ever say that they saw her(mother) actually flying with her daughter. Everybody thinks she’s crazy. What makes it crazier is, she was so sure that she was traveling with her daughter.

If losing your daughter in the middle of your trip won’t make you lose your head, I don’t know what else.






#5 Titanic (1997)


Yeah… Well, I’m not saying that having Jack and Rose meet was a bad thing. Every traveler dreamed of making love on someone else’s car, right?

Sitting the romances aside, a sinking ship is bad. A sinking ship in a freezing pitch black water – way too bad. There are two things that could happen to you: you drown, or you freeze. Either way, you die. Unless, you have Jack, and a piece of floating wood, or an expensive necklace that you’re willing to throw into the ocean for no reason.

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#4 Aftermath (2017)


This is a story about a father who was waiting for her wife, daughter, and granddaughter’s flight home. While he was at the airport, he was greeted with a a horrible news. The plane crashed. There were no survivors.

I’m not sure if I needed to elaborate this. Every traveler knows what a plane crash means. It’s not everyday you get to ride with Sully (2016). So the chances of surviving is very slim.







#3 Cast Away (2000)


Talking about Sully, this movie was also starred by Tom Hanks. This time, he is the only passenger who survived a plane crash. Coincidence?

A man was the only survivor after their freight plane crashed. He was stuck on a deserted island. He had no water and food, no neighboring island, and no one to talk to (besides Wilson “the ball”). He needs to survive on his own. That means he has to learn how to fish, how to climb a coconut, how to create fresh water out of rain. But, the worst part was not about surviving. Eventually, he was rescued after attempting to leave the island. When he got home to his wife, his family already concluded he was already dead, and she already had a new husband.

The greatest risk of living the life of travel is being away from home. The longer you stay on the road, the greater the gap you build between your love ones.



#2 127 Hours (2010)


This is probably one of the most inspiring travel stories of all, yet the scariest things that could ever happen to a traveler.

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While exploring the canyons in Utah, Aron Ralston becomes trapped after a boulder falls on his arm. He stayed there for days in the open heat and rain alike, trying to figure out a way to get out, with his whole life flashing at the back of his head. In the end, he amputated his arm. He survived, yes, but the determination to live doesn’t happen to everyone.

People travel for fun and claim that they are free-spirited, yet when they’re faced with a life and death situation, most people easily give up.




#1 Vacancy (2007)


The concept of this movie is almost like the Identity Movie, but this time, the killers are the Motel Owners.

A couple stopped by a motel after a long ride. While they were watching television in the motel room, the husband noticed that the movie’s setting was exactly their room. And it wasn’t just a movie, it was a serial killer movie. They started to realize they cannot get out. The doors and windows were bolted from the outside. They started shouting for help, but the reception, the security guard, and the rest of the motel crew are all gone.

This movie is about psychological and physical survival. I won’t tell you the ending, but I know you’ll clap your hands. This is a very good film. A must watch!




Do you agree with my list? Please share your thoughts in the comments, if there are other good movies that I missed. Safe travels!

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