Philippines is an amazing country. Recently, its beautiful scenery and unique attractions have attracted tourists all over the world. When you visit the Philippines, it’s not the place you often hear about, but its people, the experience, and the culture.

Here are most of the things what foreign tourists say about Filipinos:


They will not only entertain you as tourists from another country, but as house guests. When a foreigner enters the Philippines, they just don’t enter the country, but the home of the Filipinos. They welcome you with big smiles, and even make funny conversations, even if you’ve just met. They’ll even foster you for a few days if you ask them nicely.

Happy and Contented

They are very bright people and light on the emotions. They live a simple life and often optimistic. You’ll see a poor Filipino in the farm. or living in the street, but you won’t see him depressed. Filipinos always find a reason to smile.

Talkative in Public

In other countries, when you see a group of Filipinos hanging out in public, you’d often notice them noisy. They talk very loud even in short distances. They’re usually laughing while talking.

That noise is ten times in the Philippines.

Lip Pointing

Action speaks louder than words. When you ask a Filipino directions, they don’t usually talk. They use their lips to point directions.  Lip pointing is one way of saying “Over there.”

Unique Language

Filipinos are like minions. They understand each other by repeatedly saying one syllable. For example:

Bababa ba? (Going down?)
Bababa. (Going down.)

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Fluent in English

The international language is treated as a secondary language in the Philippines. Most Filipinos know how to speak English. Foreigners won’t have a problem communicating with the locals. That’s one of the reasons why international investors love to do business in the Philippines.

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